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Hey everybody! You're looking at the site of the creative, deep thinker, Nic Anderson!

I made this website just to show off a some of my projects and provide a point of containt. If you like what you see, be sure to get in touch.

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. This site isn't mobile-ready just yet... Thanks for your patience.








This is my page dedicated to fractals and "fractal" artwork. You can see my fractal artwork in the art section.




All of the code here is free to use.

Check out my Github page.

Interpreted Languages


A simple-syntax, object-oriented interpreted language designed for inclusion in other programs. It has a stack-frame-based + ownership-model memory management, eliminating the need for a dedicated garbage collector. You can learn more about it on the official blog.

Irrlicht Extensions

The following is a list of free extensions I created for the Irrlicht engine. More are available in my dedicated Github repository.


- A class for tree data structure. You can access its braches and leafs in the same way as a multi-dimensional array. It saves irrTreeElements and any class inheriting from them. Requires irrlicht engine for the internal array class.


- A storage class for XML data. Utilized in irrXMLStorage. Requires irrTree.


- Structure for loading XML from file and saving it in an XML tree. Requires irrXMLTree.


私のGithubのページ ご覧ください。


I am currently open to conversing about the following:

  • Job Offers
  • Employment Questions
  • Inquiries About My Work

You may email me at my first name at this website address.



About Me

Who on earth am I? Just a fractal fanatic, code wizard, pixel picasso, and short-film animation director, but more importantly, a loyal friend and a lover of Christ Jesus. ... and for good measure, I'm 100% human. Sorry, no Vulcan.

As an artist, I've all kinds of stuff - Pencil, chalk, acrylic paints, digital painting, fractals, algorithmically-generated art, and 3D models. I'm really into making "organic" entities like human, aliens, monsters, and bio-mech.

I can offer a number of services such as album art, book covers, visual novel or video game background art, board game art, etc. If you need a animation director, feel free to shoot me an email and let's work something out.

There's More?

I like programming. It can be very fun, even relaxing. I've been doing it about 10 years and used a bunch of languages (interpreted, compiled, popular, and unheard-of), so what does that say? It's so fun, I created my own programming language, Copper, for which more info is available on the software page.

I architected a game for Android, and while I was sadly abandoned in that venture, I wouldn't mind trying again with a startup.


初めまして。私はNic Andersonです。アプリケーション開発者で画家です。