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Greetings, and welcome to the website of Nic Anderson - artist, dev, usr, etc, and a mere fading speck in time. :)

This website was constructed to display some of my projects and provide a point of contact. If you like what you see, be sure to get in touch.

Thanks for visiting!

This website was constructed using the awesome tools of SASS and SIML.




I create a variety of art, from traditional to digital. Here are some samples.

Highslide JS
Forest Cottage / Digital Art Sample
Highslide JS
Cliffs / Digital Concept Art Sample
Stage 1 / Album Art Sample
Unbelievable Bronze / Fractal Flame Sample
Furious Shark Teeth / Fractal Flame Sample
It Is What You Make Of It / Fractal Flame Sample
Custom Sports Car / Blender Mesh Render
Custom Sports Car / Blender Mesh Render
Custom Software Mesh rendered with Blender
Custom Raytracer with Spherical Coordinate Texture Sampling
Council With The Weird / Hand-Drawn Monsters and Scenery Sample
Saber snake / Logo Sample
Rocket and Moon / Logo Sample
Product Brochure Outside Sample
Product Brochure Inside Sample


This is my page dedicated to fractals and "fractal" artwork. You can see my fractal artwork in the art section.




All of the code here is free to use.

Check out my Github page.

Interpreted Languages


A simple-syntax, object-oriented interpreted language designed for inclusion in other programs. It has a stack-frame-based + ownership-model memory management, eliminating the need for a dedicated garbage collector. You can learn more about it on the official blog.

Irrlicht Extensions

The following is a list of free extensions I created for the Irrlicht engine.


- A class for tree data structure. You can access its braches and leafs in the same way as a multi-dimensional array. It saves irrTreeElements and any class inheriting from them. Requires irrlicht engine for the internal array class.


- A storage class for XML data. Utilized in irrXMLStorage. Requires irrTree.


- Structure for loading XML from file and saving it in an XML tree. Requires irrXMLTree.


- GUI element for graphing points. Complete with ability to automatically resize, collect points by iteration, and display axial values.


私のGithubのページ ご覧ください。


I am currently open to conversing about the following:

  • Job Offers
  • Employment Questions
  • Inquiries About My Work

You may email me at my first name at this website address.


About Me

Greetings, I'm Nic Anderson. I am an applications developer, freelance animator, and fractal fanatic, among other things.

My experience in art stretches across the spectrum of traditional to digital, including hand-drawn anime-style humans, digitally-painted concept forests, fractal flame spider webs, and programmatically-created 3D flowers. I seem to have a unique gift for inventing monsters and aliens, though my preference is for landscapes and people. A tiny sample of my work can be viewed in the art section.

As a programmer, I have been coding for over 10 years. I've used dozens of languages, including:
  • C++
  • Python
  • Ruby (yuck)
  • Clojure
  • Prolog
  • etc.
I was told that once you learn your fourth language, learning a new one becomes almost instinctual. That's certainly true for me. I love programming languages so much, I often go searching for new ones, so I've learned Squirrel, AngelScript, ChaiScript, Falcon, and maybe Bike and a half-dozen other scripts you've probably never heard of. I've also written my own little language, Copper, which is inspired by C++ and maybe LISP. You can find the links for it on my software page.


初めまして。私はNic Andersonです。アプリケーション開発者で画家です。

(C) 2018 Nic Anderson